Microneedling Before and After

microneedling before and after

Microneedling Before and After

Microneedling is a novel cosmetic surgery that employs a device coated with tiny, shallow needles to inflict a micro-injury.’ This causes the skin to produce more collagen.  Looking for microneedling before and after? Please scroll down below.  As a result, after just 4-5 treatment sessions, microneedling promotes smoother, softer, and more youthful-looking skin! It may be used efficiently to address a variety of issues, including:

RF Microneedling Skin Treatments at Laser Skin Clinic

Our highly skilled skin care professionals at Laser Skin Care employ innovative instruments to develop tailored rf microneedling treatments that match your skin type, issues, and aesthetic objectives, quickly giving you a healthy, young look.

Taking Care of Your Skin Before and After an RF Microneedling Procedure

RF Microneedling is an effective cosmetic technique, but it is important to take care of your skin before using it.

Instructions for RF Microneedling Pre-Treatment

Following the proper pre-treatment guidelines ensures that your treatment runs well and reduces adverse effects.

Pre-Treatment Suggestions

  •  Six months before the start of therapy, avoid Accutane. 5-7 days before treatment, avert topical treatments that can make skin more sensitive. 3-4 days before treatment, avoid anti-inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen and Advil. These can disrupt the inflammation process and damage skin regeneration. 2-3 weeks before the treatment, prevent invasive plastic and laser procedures, unprotected sun, and waxing.
  • Pre-surgery: no shaving; if thick hair, shave the day before; if prone to cold sores, take antiviral meds two days before/day of; avoid blood thinning meds a week early, as bruising is a common side effect of microneedling.

Treatment Day

Knowing what to anticipate on the day of your RF microneedling treatment can help you feel as relaxed and at ease as possible.

What do you expect during your consultation?

Your skin will be cleansed and prepped for the microneedling procedure. You will need to notify your technician of any changes to your medical history and medications. If cosmetic tattoos are in the treatment areas, your technician will ask about them. The procedure will take 30-45 minutes.

Instructions for Following Treatment

For the most outstanding results, as with any cosmetic skin treatment, it is critical to care for your skin after an RF microneedling procedure.

Post-Treatment Suggestions

After the treatment, avoid anti-inflammatory drugs and apply ice. Avoid arnica and bromelain, as they may disrupt the inflammatory process necessary for skin renewal. Stay away from sunshine/tanning for two weeks. Wear sunscreen (30 SPF+) and a hat if you’re outside for over 24 hours. Take Tylenol if you feel any pain.

What to Expect After an RF Microneedling Treatment: The Healing Process

RF Microneedling is a non-invasive cosmetic technique that has few adverse effects. However, the following symptoms are pretty normal:

Day 1-3

  • A sunburn-like appearance is typical. Your skin may feel tight, dry, or touch-sensitive. Wash the skin with a mild cleanser and cool water, then dry with your hands no sooner than four hours post-treatment.
  • Some redness may also be present, and you may experience some minor bruising that lasts 5-7 days and temporary swelling that lasts 2-4 days in some circumstances.


  • Avoid intense workouts that induce sweat for up to 48 hours, as well as Jacuzzis, saunas, and steam baths.
  • You can use mineral makeup after 24 hours.
  • Try sleeping on your back with your head up to prevent or reduce swelling or discomfort.

Day 2-7

  • Some peeling may occur 3- 5 days following treatment. You may experience skin dryness and flake due to accelerated skin cell turnover. DO NOT SCRUB OR PICK AT THE TREATED SKIN!
  • It would be best to let the old skin naturally flake off and maintain it hydrated at all times. Discuss which items to use with your skin specialist.

Day 5-7

  • To resume using everyday skin care products, wait until your skin is no longer inflamed. Many of our patients have reported continued skin improvement in the months beyond their previous treatment.
  • Repeat the microneedling treatments every 4-6 weeks for maximum results, with 3-5 sessions based on your customized care plan.

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Microneedling Before and After


Microneedling Before and After
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