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Microblading Course

Mastering the Art of Microblading: A Comprehensive Course Overview

Our course offers individualized, one-on-one student-to-instructor training, emphasizing extensive hands-on practice with live models. This personalized approach ensures that participants receive tailored instruction and gain real-world experience, setting us apart from other schools that rely on group sessions.

Microblading is a cutting-edge semi-permanent makeup technique designed to recreate, enhance, and fill in the eyebrows. This method uses fine blade needles and specialized ink to craft hair-like strokes that provide a natural eyebrow appearance. Recognized globally as a rapidly growing trend, microblading is a highly rewarding profession offering one of the highest income potentials in the non-invasive cosmetic sector.


What is Microblading?

  • A semi-permanent makeup procedure for eyebrows
  • Uses fine needles to deposit ink in hair-like strokes
  • It is ideal for covering thinning brows, bald spots or reconstructing eyebrows entirely

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Sample certificate upon completion of course

Microblading Training Canada: One-on-One 2-Day Master Course

Unlock Your Potential in the Beauty Industry

This intensive training is tailored for individuals at various career stages, from newcomers to those experienced in cosmetic tattooing or lash services. Our one-on-one format ensures personalized instruction, enabling you to master microblading and shading techniques confidently.

What Will You Learn?

  • Comprehensive Skills: From basic to advanced microblading techniques
  • Shading Techniques: Enhance your microblading with additional shading skills
  • Unlimited Support: Ongoing assistance post-course completion

Course Curriculum Highlights

Foundational Knowledge

  • History of Microblading: Understand the origins and evolution
  • Colour Theory: Deep dive into colourants pigments, and select the right colours
  • Sanitization and Disinfection: Essential practices for a safe working environment
  • Health, Safety, and Insurance: Covering crucial aspects to protect both you and your clients

Practical Skills and Application

  • Skin Typing: Learn about Fitzpatrick Skin Types and how to choose appropriate brow colours
  • Client Consultation: Identifying contraindications and managing expectations
  • Anesthetic Use: Safe application of local anesthetics for pain-free procedures
  • Aftercare: Guidelines for the healing process and achieving optimal results

Advanced Techniques

  • Facial Anatomy: Crucial knowledge for perfect eyebrow shaping
  • Tool Mastery: Understanding various blades and their uses
  • Custom Hair Strokes: Techniques for creating realistic and custom eyebrow shapes

Business Acumen

  • Pricing Strategies: How to set competitive and profitable pricing
  • Marketing and Branding: Effective tactics to build your brand and attract clients
  • Practice: Hands-on practice on synthetic skin and live models under trainer supervision

Certification and Beyond

  • Live Demonstrations: Trainer-led procedures on models to showcase techniques
  • Trainee Practice: Opportunities for trainees to apply skills on live models
  • Post-Treatment: Managing follow-ups and touch-up appointments

Why Choose Our Microblading Course?

  • One-on-One Training: Personalized instruction for undivided attention and better learning
  • Comprehensive Curriculum: Covers every aspect from technique to business skills
  • Unlimited Support: Ongoing assistance to ensure your continued success in the industry


Embarking on our one-on-one 2-day master microblading course signifies taking a step towards a new career and becoming part of a lucrative and fulfilling industry. With our expert guidance, comprehensive curriculum, and post-course support, you’re well on your way to becoming a proficient microblading technician, ready to make your mark in the beauty world.

Microblading Course

This microblading course ensures that participants gain comprehensive knowledge about the technology and its applications and acquire the confidence to perform treatments effectively in their practices, enhancing their service offerings and patient satisfaction.

We Offer Nine Courses

1. Picosure (Laser Tattoo Removal) - 8763 Bayview Ave #6, Richmond Hill

2. Elite iQ (Laser Hair Removal) - 600 Sherbourne St #605, Toronto

3. Aerolase (Various Skin Treatments) - Both Locations

4. Potenza (RF Microneedling) - Both Locations

Note: The Potenza and Aerolase devices are portable and the training can be done in Richmond Hill, Toronto, or at your location.



  • $1997 – 1 Device Training (1 day)
  • $2497 – 2 Device Training (1 day)
  • $2997 – 3 Device Training (2 days)
  • $3497 – 4 Device Training (2 days)

Note: You may choose from the 4 devices and choose the locations for the training

Courses Locations Price Duration Buy Now
Laser Tattoo Removal (Picosure) Richmond Hill $1997 1-day
Laser Hair Removal (Elite iQ) Toronto $1997 1-day
Laser Technician (Aerolase) Both Locations $1997 1-day
RF Microneedling (Potenza) Both Locations $1997 1-day
Electrolysis Toronto $1997 1-day
Teeth Whitening Toronto $1997 1-day
Microblading Richmond Hill $2877 2-days
Scalp Micropigmentation Richmond Hill $3797 2-days
Lip Blushing Richmond Hill $2897 2-days
2 Device Training $2,497.00 (1 day)
3 Device Training $2,997.00 (2 days)
4 Device Training $3,497.00 (2 days)

5. Electrolysis Training Course - 600 Sherbourne St #605, Toronto

  • $1297 – 1 day electrolysis training course

6. Teeth Whitening Course - 600 Sherbourne St #605, Toronto

  • $1297 – 1 day teeth whitening course 

7. Microblading Course - Both Locations

  • $2897 – 2 day microblading course

8. Scalp Micropigmentation Course - Both Locations

  • $3797 – 2 day scalp micropigmentation training course

9. Lip Blushing Course - Both Locations

  • $2897 – 2 day lip blushing course
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