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Lip Blushing Course - Permanent Makeup Course

Mastering Lip Blushing: A Complete Course Overview

Introduction to Lip Blushing

Our course offers individualized, one-on-one student-to-instructor training, emphasizing extensive hands-on practice with live models. This personalized approach ensures that participants receive tailored instruction and gain real-world experience, setting us apart from other schools that rely on group sessions.

Join our master technician for an in-depth Lip Blush Tattoo course designed to transform you into an expert in lip aesthetics. This meticulously structured course covers everything from machine technique and lip anatomy fundamentals to advanced colour theory and application strategies.


What is Lip Blushing?

  • A semi-permanent cosmetic tattoo enhances natural lip colour, fullness, and symmetry.
  • Utilizes a permanent makeup machine with a single needle for minimal pain and downtime.

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Sample certificate upon completion of course

Comprehensive Curriculum: What Will You Learn?

Core Techniques and Theory

  • Lipblushing Techniques: Master adding colour and definition to the lips.
  • Skin Anatomy and Tone: Understand the structure and variations of skin for optimal results.
  • Colour Theory and Selection: Learn how to choose and mix colours for a perfect match.
  • Lip Design and Shaping: Techniques to achieve the desired shape and fullness.
  • Machine and Needle Theory: In-depth knowledge of the tools and how to use them effectively.

Practical Skills

  • Working with Difficult Skin: Strategies to manage various skin types and conditions.
  • PreCare and Aftercare: Guidelines to ensure the best outcomes for your clients.
  • Health and Safety Practices: Ensuring a safe environment for technicians and clients.
  • Marketing & Photography: Tips for building your clientele and showcasing your work.
  • Business Licensing & Regulations: Navigating the legal aspects of your practice.

Course Itinerary

DAY 1: Foundations and Techniques

  • Introduction to Lip Blushing: Scope and potential of lip blush tattoos.
  • Skin Science: Anatomy, types, tones, and the healing process.
  • Color Mastery: Theory, mixing, and pigment selection.
  • Business and Marketing: Strategies to grow your clientele and portfolio.
  • Health & Safety: Essential practices for a clean and safe operation.

DAY 2: Hands-On Practice and Certification

  • Review and Q&A: Addressing any outstanding questions.
  • Client Management: Consultation, care, and appointment setup.
  • Live Model Practice: Applying your skills under supervision.
  • Certification: Completing the course and becoming certified.

Why Choose Our Lip Blush Course?

  • Expert Instruction: Learn from a master technician with vast experience.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: From basics to advanced techniques and business practices.
  • Hands-On Learning: Practice on live models with real-time feedback.
  • Professional Kit Included: Receive a full kit to start your practice.
  • Certification: Gain a recognized qualification to kickstart your career.

Course Investment

  • Original Price: $3500
  • Limited Time Offer: $2897

Ready to Transform Your Career?

Please get in touch with us today for more information about our Lip Blush Course in Toronto and Richmond Hill, Ontario. This is your opportunity to enter a lucrative field with high demand and become a sought-after lip blush technician.

Lip Blushing Course

This lip blushing course ensures that participants gain comprehensive knowledge about the technology and its applications and acquire the confidence to perform treatments effectively in their practices, enhancing their service offerings and patient satisfaction.

We Offer Nine Courses

1. Picosure (Laser Tattoo Removal) - 8763 Bayview Ave #6, Richmond Hill

2. Elite iQ (Laser Hair Removal) - 600 Sherbourne St #605, Toronto

3. Aerolase (Various Skin Treatments) - Both Locations

4. Potenza (RF Microneedling) - Both Locations

Note: The Potenza and Aerolase devices are portable and the training can be done in Richmond Hill, Toronto, or at your location.



  • $1997 – 1 Device Training (1 day)
  • $2497 – 2 Device Training (1 day)
  • $2997 – 3 Device Training (2 days)
  • $3497 – 4 Device Training (2 days)

Note: You may choose from the 4 devices and choose the locations for the training

Courses Locations Price Duration Buy Now
Laser Tattoo Removal (Picosure) Richmond Hill $1997 1-day
Laser Hair Removal (Elite iQ) Toronto $1997 1-day
Laser Technician (Aerolase) Both Locations $1997 1-day
RF Microneedling (Potenza) Both Locations $1997 1-day
Electrolysis Toronto $1997 1-day
Teeth Whitening Toronto $1997 1-day
Microblading Richmond Hill $2877 2-days
Scalp Micropigmentation Richmond Hill $3797 2-days
Lip Blushing Richmond Hill $2897 2-days
2 Device Training $2,497.00 (1 day)
3 Device Training $2,997.00 (2 days)
4 Device Training $3,497.00 (2 days)

5. Electrolysis Training Course - 600 Sherbourne St #605, Toronto

  • $1297 – 1 day electrolysis training course

6. Teeth Whitening Course - 600 Sherbourne St #605, Toronto

  • $1297 – 1 day teeth whitening course 

7. Microblading Course - Both Locations

  • $2897 – 2 day microblading course

8. Scalp Micropigmentation Course - Both Locations

  • $3797 – 2 day scalp micropigmentation training course

9. Lip Blushing Course - Both Locations

  • $2897 – 2 day lip blushing course
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