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At our Toronto clinic, we offer treatments with the Cynosure Elite IQ, which has SkinTel, a melanin reader approved by the FDA and adjustable to fit any skin tone for the best outcome.

laser hair removal Toronto

Offering You the Gold Standard Cynosure Elite iQ at our laser hair removal clinic in Toronto, the Best Just Got Better!

Whether you’re looking for hair removal for men, underarm hair removal, Brazilian laser hair removal, or full body, we can accommodate you for all your removal needs.

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What Equipment Do You Use?

Laser Skin Clinic uses Cynosure’s latest device called Elite iQ with Skintel® Melanin Reader™. By precisely measuring melanin density in the skin prior to treatment, it offers a revolutionary approach to skin care diagnosis.

How does laser work?

With multiple treatments using our Elite iQ laser, strong light energy is used to eliminate hair. The two wavelengths of the laser work together to damage the follicle while not damaging the adjacent skin. 

This results in a quick, painless and permanent outcome, regardless of your complexion. Safe for all skin types. No recovery time.

hair laser removal near me

What happens during this treatment?

Prior to the procedure, our highly trained technician will sanitize the treated area thoroughly. Some individuals may have a topical anesthetic cream applied to the skin to help reduce discomfort if the region is particularly delicate or the treatment is localized. Generally, the numbing gel requires approximately half an hour to an hour to take effect.


What areas of the body can you treat?

Our treatments are designed for ALL skin types. It depends on the size of the target area whether each session will last 15 to 60 minutes.

SMALL areas the areola, belly button, cheeks, chin, feet and toes, ears, hands and fingers, sideburns, forehead,  underarms, and upper lip.

MEDIUM areas include: lower back, neck, forearms, shoulders, upper arms, pubic region / bikini area.

LARGE areas include: upper back, lower back, upper legs, lower legs, full abs.

FULL BODY HAIR REMOVAL INCLUDES: Full arms, full legs, underarms, Brazilian, full face.


It is ranked the #1 non-invasive aesthetic treatment for a good reason, its popular, and laser hair removal works!

Compared to other non-laser removal methods like IPL, electrolysis, waxing, shaving, threading, tweezing, laser comes up on top for many reasons.

  • Permanent hair reduction
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Suitable for all skin colours
  • prevent ingrown hairs
  • Fast treatment
  • Non-invasive
  • Safe and effective
  • Smoother skin
  • Cost-effective

Is it permanent?

This method can permanently reduce hair; multiple treatments are ideal for the best outcome. Some hairs may be in varying growth stages, so treatments at 4-8 week intervals are necessary for optimal long term results. The regrowth will usually be finer and lighter.

Do you offer hair removal for men?

Whether you are very hairy man or not, laser can remove a mans unwanted hair including facial hair, chest hair, back hair, chin hair, ear hair, sideburns, and eyebrow hair. Armpit is also common for men. 

Can you laser your entire pubic area?

A full Brazilian can remove all your pubic hair. If you don’t need a full Brazilian removal, you can opt for bikini line or a bikini full which does not cover the entire pubic area.

Is it safe?

This is a secure technique that has evolved through time. Advances have made it feasible for people of varied skin tones and hair colours to have the procedure with the required precautions. Formerly, only those with dark hair colour and light skin could receive laser hair removal safely. 

Are there any negatives?

Side effects can include some swelling around the hair follicles. There could be slight redness to the treated skin area.  People with darker skin may experience temporary pigment changes.


How much does laser cost?

The cost of laser hair removal varies by clinic. IPL is typically cheaper than laser due to the lower effectiveness of IPL and the need for more treatments in the long run. Pricing at Laser Skin Clinic is competitive and our laser machines are the best around. 

If you want to find the best prices in Toronto, please click on one of the images. We may also be able to do a price match if you see a lower advertised price for similar machine (we use the latest Cynosure Elite iQ).

When will I see results?

Outcome of each session may be seen right away. However, patient’s skin tone, hair structure and colour, the area being treated, and the laser type used can affect the treatment’s results. Usually  between 10% and 25% of the hair will be diminished after the first session.

How many hair removal sessions do I need?

Most patients require 2 to 8 laser treatments to eliminate their hair. Following the treatments, few to no hairs will be present on the treated area for a significant amount of time. If hair regrowth occurs, it is usually sparse and finer than before, with a lighter colour.

Do you shave before the treatment?

Yes, you should shave the night before, or on the day of your laser treatment. You want to remove as much hair as possible so the it doesn’t absorb the laser’s energy and cause unnessary discomfort.

How long does each session take?

The length of each treatment varies depending on the coverage area. Typically both legs or an average sized man’s back should take only 15 minutes.

What should I expect after the treatment?

Post-treatment you may experience some temporary skin redness. There should be no down time and mosts people can resume their daily activities.  

How long does it take to do a full body session?

A full body normally takes around two hours.

What should I do right after my treatment?

You should where sunscreen to protect yourself from UV rays. Avoid direct sunlight and tanning beds. Your technican will give you additional advice after the treatment.

Is laser hair removal worth it?

Yes, especially if you compare the number of hours over the years you shave, pluck, or wax. With each session done, you will experience less hair regrowth and finer hairs.

Is it painful?

Although laser hair removal can cause some discomfort, it is usually only a minor feeling like a rubber band lightly striking the skin.

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Dual Wavelength Elite iQ Advances Safety, Expands Capabilities and Maximizes Outcomes.

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About Laser Skin Clinic

Have you had enough of continuously managing unwanted body hair? If so, your first action could be exploring a trusted laser hair removal clinic. For those who’ve been searching for “laser near me,” Toronto, a city renowned for its advanced skincare clinics, is home to our Laser Skin Clinic. Toronto, a city renowned for its advanced skincare clinics, is home to our Laser Skin Clinic.

Our specialty lies in offering high-quality laser hair removal treatments, ensuring you enjoy a smooth, hairless skin that can free you from the constant need for shaving or waxing.

Our clinic is at the forefront of delivering various treatments like full body, facial, and even Brazilian laser hair removal. We employ a team of skilled professionals adept at using state-of-the-art laser technology, ensuring safe and precise results. Whether your goal is to remove hair from your face, underarms, legs, or any other area, our services are designed to leave you confident and hair-free.

Moreover, our clinic is wider than just women’s services. Many men now recognize the convenience and effectiveness of laser hair removal, and we are proud to offer several top-notch services catered specifically for men. For those more inclined towards electrolysis hair removal, downtown Toronto is the place to go, boasting some of the best electrolysis services.

We understand the importance of delivering excellent results and placing customer satisfaction at our heart. Our advanced laser treatments are aimed at offering long-lasting hair reduction, leaving you with smoother, more radiant skin. Furthermore, options for laser treatment for the face, permanent hair removal, and even affordable laser hair removal are readily available for individuals seeking more niche services.

Lastly, for a more comprehensive treatment experience, many clients opt for a full Brazilian or a facial in Toronto. Combined with our expertly delivered laser treatment, these services can leave you feeling rejuvenated, confident, and hair-free. So, whether you’re seeking a high-end service or the best cheap laser hair removal near you, navigating the diverse range of services has always been challenging. Trust our expertise and experience to discover Toronto’s finest laser hair removal services.

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