Training: Laser Tattoo Removal Course with Picosure

laser tattoo removal course toronto

Training: Laser Tattoo Removal Course

The laser tattoo removal course focusing on the PicoSure laser system offers a detailed curriculum to provide professionals with the necessary skills and knowledge to remove tattoos effectively. Here’s a synopsis of the course outline in bullet form:

Laser tattoo removal course

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The Laser Tattoo Removal Course will be based on some theory, but most will be practical, with live models to practice on. It is recommended that you know the basics of laser theory. If you are a clinic owner and wish to have some clients come as models, that can be arranged.

Introduction to PicoSure Laser Technology

  • Overview of the PicoSure laser and its picosecond technology
  • Understanding how PicoSure differs from traditional nanosecond lasers
  • Benefits of using PicoSure for tattoo removal, including effectiveness on resistant ink colours and reduced treatment sessions 


Laser Physics and Tattoo Removal Basics

  • Fundamentals of laser physics as they pertain to tattoo removal
  • The science behind tattoo ink absorption and fragmentation
  • Safety protocols and protective measures for both patients and operators


Operating the PicoSure Laser


Clinical Application and Techniques

  • Assessing tattoos for removal, including ink colour, depth, and patient skin type
  • Techniques for effective and safe tattoo removal with PicoSure
  • Strategies for managing patient discomfort and minimizing skin damage


Patient Consultation and Care

  • Conducting thorough patient consultations and informed consent
  • Pre-treatment care and post-treatment healing processes
  • Managing patient expectations and follow-up care


Treatment Planning and Case Studies

  • Developing personalized treatment plans based on tattoo characteristics and patient goals
  • Review of case studies to illustrate various tattoo removal scenarios and outcomes
  • Tips for handling challenging tattoos and achieving optimal results


Business Aspects of Tattoo Removal

  • Integrating PicoSure tattoo removal services into your practice
  • Marketing strategies to attract clients seeking tattoo removal
  • Pricing strategies and creating packages for tattoo removal services


Certification and Continuing Education

  • Completion of the course and certification acknowledging proficiency in PicoSure tattoo removal
  • Resources for ongoing support and advanced training opportunities
  • Networking with other professionals in the field of laser tattoo removal 

Laser Tattoo Removal Course

This one-day intensive laser tattoo removal training in Richmond Hill, centred on the PicoSure laser, provides attendees with a thorough comprehension of the technology and how it can be effectively applied to tattoo removal processes. Graduates will be prepared to offer high-quality tattoo removal services, expanding their practice’s offerings and meeting the growing demand for this specialized treatment.

We Offer Nine Courses

1. Picosure (Laser Tattoo Removal) - 8763 Bayview Ave #6, Richmond Hill

2. Elite iQ (Laser Hair Removal) - 600 Sherbourne St #605, Toronto

3. Aerolase (Various Skin Treatments) - Both Locations

4. Potenza (RF Microneedling) - Both Locations

Note: The Potenza and Aerolase devices are portable and the training can be done in Richmond Hill, Toronto, or at your location.

laser tattoo removal course


  • $1997 – 1 Device Training (1 day)
  • $2497 – 2 Device Training (1 day)
  • $2997 – 3 Device Training (2 days)
  • $3497 – 4 Device Training (2 days)

Note: You may choose from the 4 devices and choose the locations for the training

5. Electrolysis Training Course - 600 Sherbourne St #605, Toronto

  • $1297 – 1 day electrolysis training course

6. Teeth Whitening Course - 600 Sherbourne St #605, Toronto

  • $1297 – 1 day teeth whitening course 

7. Microblading Course - Both Locations

  • $2897 – 2 day microblading course

8. Scalp Micropigmentation Course - Both Locations

  • $3797 – 2 day scalp micropigmentation training course

9. Lip Blushing Course - Both Locations

  • $2897 – 2 day lip blushing course
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