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Teeth Whitening Course

The teeth whitening course offers a comprehensive syllabus designed to empower individuals with the essential knowledge and hands-on experience needed to excel in teeth whitening services. Here’s a brief overview of the program structure in bullet points:


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The Teeth Whitening Course will be based on some theory, but most will be practical, with live models to practice on. If you are a clinic owner and wish to have some clients come as models, that can be arranged.

  • Module 1: Understanding Teeth Whitening

Anatomy of the Tooth
Causes of Tooth Discoloration
Overview of Teeth Whitening Methods
Advantages of LED Light and Hydrogen Peroxide Whitening

  • Module 2: Basics of Hydrogen Peroxide

Chemical Properties of Hydrogen Peroxide
Mechanism of Action in Teeth Whitening
Concentration Levels and Their Effects
Safety Protocols and Precautions

  • Module 3: LED Light Technology in Teeth Whitening

Principles of LED Light Technology
How LED Enhances Hydrogen Peroxide Whitening
Types of LED Lights and Their Uses
Safety Measures for LED Use

  • Module 4: Procedure and Application Techniques

Pre-treatment Assessment and Consultation
Step-by-Step Whitening Procedure
Application Techniques for Hydrogen Peroxide
Optimizing LED Light Usage for Effective Results

  • Module 5: Client Care and Management

Conducting Effective Client Consultations
Addressing Client Expectations and Questions
Managing Sensitivity and Post-Treatment Care
Follow-Up and Maintenance Recommendations

  • Module 6: Legal and Ethical Considerations

Regulatory Guidelines for Non-Dental Whitening
Informed Consent and Documentation
Ethical Marketing Practices
Liability Insurance and Risk Management

  • Module 7: Building Your Whitening Business

Creating a Business Plan
Marketing Strategies for Teeth Whitening Services
Setting Competitive Prices
Customer Service Excellence

  • Module 8: Hands-On Practice and Demonstration

Live Demonstrations of Whitening Procedures
Hands-On Practice Sessions with LED Light and Hydrogen Peroxide
Case Studies and Problem-Solving Exercises
Feedback and Performance Assessment

  • Review of Key Course Learnings

Final Assessment and Certification
Continuing Education Opportunities
Joining Professional Networks and Communities

Teeth Whitening Course

This teeth whitening course is tailored to ensure that participants gain comprehensive knowledge about the technology and its applications and acquire the confidence to perform treatments effectively in their own practices, enhancing their service offerings and patient satisfaction.

We Offer Nine Courses

1. Picosure (Laser Tattoo Removal) - 8763 Bayview Ave #6, Richmond Hill

2. Elite iQ (Laser Hair Removal) - 600 Sherbourne St #605, Toronto

3. Aerolase (Various Skin Treatments) - Both Locations

4. Potenza (RF Microneedling) - Both Locations

Note: The Potenza and Aerolase devices are portable and the training can be done in Richmond Hill, Toronto, or at your location.

teeth whitening course


  • $1997 – 1 Device Training (1 day)
  • $2497 – 2 Device Training (1 day)
  • $2997 – 3 Device Training (2 days)
  • $3497 – 4 Device Training (2 days)

Note: You may choose from the 4 devices and choose the locations for the training

5. Electrolysis Training Course - 600 Sherbourne St #605, Toronto

6. Teeth Whitening Course - 600 Sherbourne St #605, Toronto

  • $1297 – 1 day teeth whitening course 

7. Microblading Course - Both Locations

  • $2897 – 2 day microblading course

8. Scalp Micropigmentation Course - Both Locations

9. Lip Blushing Course - Both Locations

  • $2897 – 2 day lip blushing course
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