Enhancing Size of your Manhood with Penile Filler: A Comprehensive

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Enhancing Size of your Manhood with Penile Filler: A Comprehensive Guide

The Concept of Penile Fillers

Penile fillers have emerged as an effective approach to penile enhancement without invasive cosmetic surgery. At its core, the concept revolves around injecting dermal fillers, substances often used in facial cosmetic procedures, into the penile tissue to enhance its size. Men, driven by personal needs and the allure of ‘big dick energy,’ have shown increased interest in such cosmetic enhancements. The goal is not just to have a larger penis in terms of girth but also to boost confidence and achieve satisfaction.

Brief History of Penile Fillers

Penile enlargement methods have been sought after for years. Historically, procedures such as autologous fat injection and penile implants were popular. However, with the advancement in cosmetic procedures and the success of dermal fillers in areas like the face and neck, medical professionals began exploring their application for penile augmentation. Among other leading plastic surgeons, Dr. Shafer has contributed significantly to the advancements and popularization of these treatments in the United States.

The Science Behind Penile Fillers

Understanding the Anatomy Relevant to Penile Fillers

The penis comprises connective tissue, blood vessels, and skin. The use of fillers targets the penile shaft, specifically the connective tissue. Proper knowledge of penile anatomy is crucial for effective filler injections, ensuring the desired enhancement and the patient’s safety.

The Medical Procedure of Injecting Penile Fillers

Administered typically under local anesthesia, the entire filler treatment process is relatively quick. After a confidential consultation and physical exam, the doctor will determine the filler required to achieve the desired girth enhancement. The filler material is then injected into the penile tissue. Patients might experience minor swelling or discomfort post-injection, but these effects usually subside within days. Patients are often advised to abstain from sexual activities, including sexual intercourse, for a specified number of days to ensure the best results.

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Effectiveness and Safety of Penile Fillers

Recent studies and patient testimonials have showcased the advantages of penile fillers. They offer a marked increase in girth with minimal risks. As with any procedure, potential complications exist. However, under board-certified doctors’ guidance, risks are minimized. Patients need to have realistic expectations of penis enhancement and be informed about the entire procedure content, from consultation to recovery.

Types of Penile Fillers

Synthetic Fillers

Synthetic fillers, like certain FDA-approved HA fillers, are a popular choice. Their effects are long-lasting, with results that can be seen for months or even years. However, they come with an additional cost, especially if maintenance through repeat visits becomes necessary.

Natural Fillers

Natural fillers include options like autologous fat injections and platelet-rich plasma (PRP). The body readily accepts these since they are derived from the patient’s body, reducing risks. An emerging favourite in this category is hyaluronic acid filler, a naturally occurring substance in the human body.

Other Emerging Types of Penile Fillers

The world of penile enhancement procedures is ever-evolving. New materials with different properties are continually being explored. Temporary fillers are gaining traction, offering a ‘try before you commit fully’ approach. While they might need more frequent top-ups, their reversibility and shorter recovery time make them an attractive option for many.

Benefits of Using Penile Fillers

Increasing Size and Girth

Penile fillers have seen a rise in popularity for those desiring an increase in the size of their penis, specifically in terms of girth. The procedures, predominantly utilizing gels and injectable fillers, can significantly add to the amount of girth, ensuring a noticeable yet natural result. An enlarged flaccid length and flaccid penis appearance can also be noticeable post-procedure.

Enhancing Sexual Pleasure

Beyond the mere cosmetic advantages, many people believe that the added girth of the penis can enhance sexual pleasure for both partners. With the “big dick energy” phenomenon becoming increasingly popular in the societal lexicon, many men seek methods to feel more confident in intimate settings. The added volume, especially with the right filler, can intensify sensations.

Boosting Confidence and Self-esteem

There’s no denying that societal pressures and personal desires often intertwine, driving the need for cosmetic enhancements. Penile fillers can boost confidence and self-esteem, liberating men from the shackles of self-doubt and the often difficult relationship they might have with their body image. Feeling good in one’s skin can profoundly affect every aspect of life, from personal to professional.

Potential Risks and Side Effects of Penile Fillers

Common Side Effects Post-Treatment

Like any cosmetic procedure, a penile filler come with their share of risks. Common side effects include slight swelling at the injection site, minor discomfort, and bruising. Some men might also experience a slight increase in sensitivity post-procedure, which usually subsides within weeks. Those on blood thinners might experience prolonged bruising, so sharing one’s medical history with the practitioner is essential.

Potential Long-term Risks

While many experience long-lasting results and are satisfied with the outcome, some cases have reported complications. These might include lumpiness, asymmetry, and, in rare cases, reactions to the injectable filler material. It’s crucial to note that the risks are significantly reduced when the procedure is performed in a board-certified office by professionals familiar with the intricacies of penile anatomy.

The Importance of Professional Consultation

Before embarking on the journey of penile enlargement, consultation with a reputable professional is imperative.
An ideal individual for the procedure should have grounded expectations and be thoroughly knowledgeable about the advantages and possible side effects. William Moore and other leading professionals emphasize the importance of understanding the facts before deciding.

Procedures and Post-Care of Penile Fillers

The Pre-Injection Consultation

The journey starts at the practitioner’s office, where a potential patient should expect a thorough examination and an in-depth conversation about their reasons for seeking the procedure. This stage is essential to ensure the individual is a good candidate and set manageable steps and expectations.

The Injection Procedure

Conducted under a local anesthetic, the injection of dermal penis filler is relatively quick and straightforward. The practitioner will typically mark areas on the penile tissue where the filler will be introduced. The entire procedure ensures the safety and comfort of the patient, aiming to achieve the desired increase in size and girth.

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Penile Filler Cost

The cost structure for penile filler treatments often follows a per-session pricing model. Depending on the chosen filler type and the provider’s fee structure, these rates might differ.

For instance, Laser Skin Clinic currently offers Penile Filler at the regular rate of $8,997, but they are running a special promotion at $5,997. Interested individuals are encouraged to contact them or complete a consultation request form for more information.

Long-Term Financial Planning:

Patients need to factor in the ongoing financial commitment associated with periodic filler maintenance sessions when evaluating the overall cost of penile fillers. This consideration helps individuals make informed decisions about their budget and ensures they are prepared for any potential future expenses related to maintaining their desired appearance.


What is the difference between a penile implant and penis fillers?

While a penile implant is a surgical procedure that places devices inside the penis to allow men to get an erection, penis fillers are non-surgical injections that temporarily increase the girth or size of your penis.

Can I resume normal activities after getting penis fillers?

You can resume most normal activities shortly after the procedure. However, it’s advisable to avoid strenuous activities and follow post-procedure guidelines for optimal results.

Is there a significant variation in results with different types of fillers?

Yes, different types of fillers may produce varying results in terms of duration, feel, and appearance. It’s essential to discuss this with a board-certified professional before making a decision.

Are the results of a penile fillers permanent?

Penis fillers typically offer durable results but are not permanent. The duration of the effect can vary based on the type of filler used and individual factors.

Can penile injections help with penile length?

A Penile filler is primarily designed for girth augmentation. While there might be a slight perceived increase in length due to the added volume, they don’t significantly affect the penile length.

I’ve heard about the “go” approach with fillers. What does it mean?

The “go” approach refers to starting with a small injection or amount of penile filler and adding more in future sessions if needed. This helps in achieving a natural look and prevents over-filling.

Is a fat transfer a type of penile filler?

A fat transfer is a method where fat is taken from another part of the patient’s body and then injected into the penis for girth augmentation. It’s a more natural alternative but has advantages and disadvantages compared to a penile filler.

Does the size of my penis return to its previous size after the penile filler effect wears off?

Once the effects of the penile filler diminish, the penis will return to its previous size. However, with repeat treatments, some men might experience a slightly sustained increase in size due to the tissue of the penis stretching.

How much filler is typically used in a penis enlargement procedure?

The amount of filler used varies based on the individual’s needs and the desired outcome. A consultation with a professional will provide more specific information tailored to individual requirements.

Should I avoid any medicinal products before getting penis fillers?

It’s essential to discuss any medication you’re on with the practitioner. Some medicinal products, like blood thinners, may increase the risk of bruising or bleeding post-procedure.


In conclusion, the journey to enhancing penile girth and achieving the desired penis size has become more streamlined and safe, thanks to advancements in penile filler. Opting for Penile girth augmentation offers a promising avenue for those seeking a noticeable change without the invasiveness of surgery. The “go” approach, a step-by-step penile filler method, ensures that individuals can gradually achieve their desired results, allowing for future volume addition if necessary. This approach also safeguards against over-augmentation, which can lead to a shorter penis appearance. It’s essential, however, to consult with a board-certified professional when considering any treatment. This ensures that the procedures adhere to the highest standards, such as the Shafer Width technique, which has gained recognition for its effectiveness. Lastly, while enhancing one’s physical attributes can boost confidence, it’s vital to remember that the decision to undergo any treatment should be based on personal reasons and well-informed choices rather than societal pressures surrounding small penis size perceptions.

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