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Situated within Toronto’s Rosedale Medical Centre, Laser Skin Clinic boasts a team of extensively trained technicians who offer top-tier laser hair removal services utilizing the cutting-edge Cynosure Elite IQ Laser system. This advanced system comes equipped with the exclusive SkinTel® Melasma Reader, the sole FDA-cleared melanin reader. Tailored to cater to every individual’s unique skin type, this groundbreaking technology adeptly adjusts settings to ensure optimal precision for various skin tones.

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SkinTel® Technology for Permanent Hair Removal

Utilizing the FDA-approved SkinTel® system, the Elite IQ is adept at precisely gauging melanin levels within the skin. This innovative system takes into careful consideration the unique complexion and skin texture of each person, thereby simplifying the process for technicians to administer customized hair removal treatments. This revolutionary approach supersedes the conventional method of relying solely on visual assessment of skin type, ensuring a significantly higher degree of accuracy. With SkinTel®, practitioners can ensure the utmost safety and efficacy in laser treatments, offering clients the assurance of receiving treatments that are tailored to their specific needs.

Skintel for bikini laser hair removal

Why is Cynosure's Elite iQ rated the best laser for hair removal?

  1. Advanced Technology: The Elite IQ incorporates state-of-the-art laser technology to deliver exceptional results. Its innovative features make it a standout option among various hair removal devices.
  2. Dual Wavelengths: One of the reasons the Elite IQ is considered the best is its dual wavelengths. This means it can effectively target a broader range of hair types and skin tones, making it suitable for a diverse clientele.
  3. Precision and Customization: The Elite IQ offers customizable settings, allowing practitioners to adjust the treatment to each individual’s unique skin type and hair colour. This precision ensures optimal results while minimizing the risk of side effects.
  4. Efficiency and Speed: The Elite IQ’s advanced technology enables faster treatment sessions than older laser systems. This efficiency benefits both practitioners and clients, allowing more appointments to be accommodated in a shorter time.
  5. Comfortable Experience: With built-in cooling mechanisms, the Elite IQ enhances the comfort of the treatment. This is especially important for longer sessions or individuals with lower pain tolerance.
  6. FDA-Cleared Technology: The fact that the Elite IQ has received FDA clearance attests to its safety and efficacy. This regulatory approval assures both practitioners and clients.
  7. Proven Results: The Elite IQ has garnered a reputation for delivering noticeable and lasting results. Positive feedback from satisfied clients and professionals alike underscores its effectiveness.
  8. Experienced Practitioners: The Elite IQ is often used by experienced and skilled practitioners who are well-versed in using the technology to achieve the best outcomes.
  9. Versatile Application: This laser system is not limited to one specific area; it can effectively treat various body parts, making it a versatile choice for comprehensive hair removal solutions.
  10. Client Satisfaction: Ultimately, Elite IQ’s ability to consistently provide clients with the desired results and its focus on minimizing discomfort contribute to its status as the best laser for hair removal.


How does laser hair removal work?

Laser hair removal is a procedure that employs highly-concentrated beams of light, or lasers, to target and destroy hair follicles. The melanin pigment within the hair absorbs the laser’s energy, which is then converted into heat. This heat damages the follicle, inhibiting its ability to produce new hair. Over several sessions, the treated hair gradually falls out, resulting in reduced hair growth.

Is laser hair removal safe?

Laser hair removal is generally considered safe when skilled professionals use FDA-approved equipment. However, as with any medical procedure, there are potential risks and side effects. Engaging in a comprehensive consultation with a qualified practitioner is essential to evaluate if the treatment suits you and address any possible worries.

Does laser hair removal work on all skin tones and hair types?

Recent advancements in laser technology have made the procedure effective for various skin tones and hair types. However, individuals with darker skin tones or lighter hair might require specialized equipment or settings to achieve optimal results. 

Collaborating with a knowledgeable practitioner who can tailor the treatment to your needs is paramount.

Is laser hair removal painful?

Most individuals characterize the sensation in laser hair removal as gentle discomfort, often drawing a comparison to the sensation of a rubber band snapping against the skin. Many modern laser systems incorporate cooling mechanisms to minimize discomfort during the procedure.

How many sessions are needed for optimal results?

Hair follows distinct growth cycles, and laser hair removal yields its highest efficacy during the active growth phase. Multiple sessions are usually required to target hair in various growth cycles. On average, about 6 to 8 sessions spaced several weeks apart might be necessary to achieve the desired reduction in hair growth.

Are the results of laser hair removal permanent?

While laser hair removal significantly reduces hair growth, complete and permanent removal can vary from person to person. Many individuals experience long-lasting results with a notable reduction in hair density. Maintenance sessions may be required over time to address any new hair growth.

Which body areas can be treated with laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal is versatile and can treat nearly any body area. Among the frequently treated regions are the facial area, underarms, legs, bikini zone, chest, back, and arms. It’s important to communicate your goals and preferences with your practitioner to determine your best treatment plan.

How long does each laser hair removal session take?

Each session’s duration depends on the treatment area’s size. 

More compact zones, such as the upper lip or underarms, could be completed in as little as 15 minutes, whereas larger regions like the legs may demand approximately one hour.

How should I prepare for a laser hair removal session?

Generally recommended before a session is refraining from sun exposure and tanning beds for a couple of weeks. Additionally, it’s advised to avoid plucking, waxing, and electrolysis as they can interfere with the targeted hair follicles. A day before the session, shaving the treatment area is commonly suggested.

Are there any side effects after laser hair removal?

Common side effects include temporary redness, swelling, and a mild sunburn-like sensation in the treated area, which usually subsides within a few hours to a few days. In rare cases, some individuals might experience temporary blistering or changes in skin pigmentation. Generally, these side effects are mild and tend to subside on their own. It’s crucial to follow post-treatment care instructions provided by your practitioner to minimize potential side effects.

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