Microneedle with RF

microneedle with rf

Microneedle with RF

One of our favourite anti-aging and anti-aging treatments is microneedle with RF. Numerous skin conditions can damage your look, ranging from fine lines and wrinkles to dull, lifeless skin, and it’s understandable to be concerned about how these conditions will affect your appearance. This procedure, on the other hand, can improve these issues and offer you better-looking skin. What person wouldn’t desire that? Continue reading to discover more about this technique.

What is Microneedle with RF?

Microneedling with RF is a fantastic technology combo for skin tightening and resurfacing. To help patients achieve the beautiful skin of their dreams, it treats stretch marks, large pores, loose skin, and acne scars. It works by intentionally inflicting controlled wounds to start the elastin and collagen synthesis process. With little recovery time, RF microneedling is a straightforward, painless nonsurgical procedure that treats skin problems.

How does Microneedle with RF work? 

The microneedling process makes clear microchannels into the skin’s outermost layers, stimulating collagen production and skin regeneration. In addition, the heat energy produced by the RF causes tissue remodelling and the creation of fresh collagen and elastin. Many procedures can increase collagen and tighten skin, but RF Microneedling is one of the most potent. Also, you can have the treatment modified to meet your needs. This treatment is for you if you want skin that looks tighter, more radiant, with smaller pores.

Benefits of RF microneedling 

Microneedling promotes regenerative repair and increases collagen and elastin production, resulting in healthier, plumper, and brighter skin. In addition, because it efficiently addresses a range of skin aging indications and other problems on and off the face with little risk and downtime compared to alternative methods, microneedling, with rf, is one of the most sought-after treatments. 

Below are some benefits of Microneedling with RF:

  • It is an excellent choice for skin resurfacing and tightening.
  • It can aid in treating scars from burns, acne, stretch marks, and wrinkles.
  • It is colour-blind; it can also be used safely on people with darker skin tones.
  • It helps to treat uneven skin tone and reduce the size of large pores.
  • The treatment is not only limited to the face. It can be done on almost any body part. 
  • When performed correctly, it poses no risk
  • It requires no downtime. 
  • It boosts your collagen and elastin production to promote even and smooth skin. 
  • It takes only a few minutes and can be repeated several times to produce the desired outcome.
  • It helps with skin tightening
  • The skin’s quality, texture, and look are all enhanced after just one microneedle treatment.
  • Helps to treat Hyperpigmentation and sun damage
  • It reduces spider veins

How is the procedure done? 

  • Before their appointment, the patient will arrive 10 to 30 minutes early to apply numbing cream. Numbing cream aids in easing any potential discomforts.
  • Their face will be cleaned after the numbing cream has been fully absorbed.
  • Treatment will start after that. 
The treatment will last between 30 and 45 minutes, depending on the location.

What areas can I treat with RF Microneedle? 

Rf Microneedles can treat any skin on your face and body. However, the most preferred places are the hands, neck, decolletage, and face. 

Who’s a good candidate for Microneedle with RF? 

  • It’s effective for those with skin elasticity loss and UV damage.
  • People who have stubborn acne scars may also benefit from it.


How would I look after Rf microneedling treatment?

You can appear puffy and red following treatment. The settings used will impact how you respond to your treatment. At your session, the settings will be explained so you can ensure the treatment fits with your available downtime.

Does RF microneedling cause pain?

The procedure is quite comfortable. But the longer the numbing cream is left on, the less you’ll feel it.

Can the treatment be used for dark skin tones? 

When done correctly with an experienced professional, microneedling with RF can be used for darker skin tones. 


Microneedle with RF is the procedure for you if you’d want to see tighter, more luminous skin and smaller pores! At least three sessions are required for RF microneedling to provide noticeable results. After that, you can perform maintenance as frequently as possible, although at least twice a year is recommended. Try to heed your doctor’s instructions after your therapy. For instance, it is suggested that you use a daily moisturizer as part of a regular skincare routine, sunscreen with a minimum SPF of 30, etc.


microneedle with rf - rf microneedling  

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Microneedle with RF
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