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Looking for laser hair removal near me?  Not sure how to prepare for laser hair removal for the first time? That’s just fine! By the time you finish reading this site, you will be an expert in laser hair removal!

If you are weary of shaving, waxing, and epilating and are fed up with the time-consuming, big nuisance factor, inconvenience, and (not to mention the expense), and you want to wear skirts or go to the beach without worrying about leg hair or chest hair, then you might consider laser hair removal.

Whatever your motivation for selecting laser hair removal, you have made the correct decision, like millions of others.

Your initial try

These inquiries have all been answered for you.

Laser Hair Removal Near Me Assessment

Before receiving your first laser hair removal treatment on any part of your body, you must have a comprehensive consultation and a patch test.

During your appointment, our laser specialists will consider your requirements and objectives. Ask you about your history, your medical condition, and your lifestyle.

Hair development explained

The growth and resilience of hair follicles are predominantly governed by heredity. Your physician will explain the entire procedure and estimate the number of sessions you will require. They will explain the hair growth cycles, how the laser works, the technology, the whole procedure, cost and payment alternatives, the best time for you to begin treatment, and why Premier Laser & Skin has the most qualified staff.

What is a patch test for laser hair removal?

If your assessment reveals that you are a good candidate for laser hair removal and are not tanned, your clinician will do a patch test. Patch testing must occur at least 24 hours before the first session. We apply the laser to a tiny target region and see the results.

Do I still require a patch test if I’ve already had one?

Please remember that even if you’ve had laser hair removal on other regions of your body, we must do a patch test on every new location.

This is because your skin may be more sensitive in some regions and to prevent any adverse consequences. In addition, even if you have received laser therapy elsewhere, we must conduct a patch test because the technology, conditions, and your condition may have changed. If your skin is acceptable for laser therapy, we will develop a customized treatment plan and schedule your initial laser visit.

How to prepare for your Laser Procedure

For optimal results and the most pleasant treatment, it is essential to adhere to your practitioner’s instructions. Thus, you may prepare for your laser therapy most optimally.

Your technician will urge you to:

  • Avoid sun exposure. If you allow your skin to tan before laser treatment or apply a fake tan, sunbeds and suntan lotions are equally hazardous. If your skin is tanned, the laser may cause surface burns. If you do not remove all traces of your fake tan, you may also be at risk.
  • If your skin is tanned, you should wait at least four weeks before laser therapy.
  • Avoid waxing and plucking your hair before laser hair removal. As a result of these alternatives altering the hair development cycle, the laser will not be able to target the hair follicles at the appropriate period and hence will be unable to diminish hair growth.
  • Avoid bleaching your hair. The opaquer the hair follicles, the simpler it is for the laser to detect them.
  • Clean the treatment area before your appointment. Use no cosmetic creams before your session. Additionally, you might request clean clothes from your practitioner at the start of your session to clean the area.
  • You must have between 4 and 6 weeks of complete hair growth before your first session.
  • Shave 24 hours before your laser consultation. NOT on the day of treatment To learn more about how to shave correctly, please visit our blog.
  • Select a fragrance-free shaving/cleansing product for the bikini area. If not, it may create irritation.
  • Use a pH-balanced feminine cleanser wash after shaving to eliminate all traces of shaving foam. For additional information on how to shave, please go here.
  • Exfoliate your bikini region gently three to four days before your session. Do not wait until the final day or after shaving. Otherwise, it may cause skin irritation.
  • Ensure that any excessive hair has been removed from the labia and perineum.
  • Wear loose clothing throughout your treatment. Ensure that your underwear is not too snug.
  • Prefer cotton underwear
  • Avoid coffee. It may heighten your sensitivity.
  • Some of our patients find chewing gum to be beneficial during the treatment.
  • Try to arrange your treatment the week before or following your period.
  • Above all, relax; you’re in good hands.

The day of therapy arrives!

You must be on time on the day of your treatment, so your session may be finished on schedule.

Your clinician will greet you upon entering the treatment area. Here, you will have complete privacy as you prepare for your session.


You will be required to undress the area receiving laser therapy. Your clinician will provide you with the towels so that you may cover yourself as necessary.

If you are receiving laser therapy on many areas or the entire body, you may find it more comfortable to undress for each location.

Your clinician will assess if the hair growth is suitable for therapy. Then, disinfect the treatment area.

Notations are made using a white pen.

They will use a white marker to ensure that no portions are overlooked. Cover the blemishes and blemishes to prevent adverse consequences. And if you have tattoos, the sides will be covered to avoid the laser from passing over them.

Numbing cream, if necessary.

Some bodily regions are more delicate than others. You will also be given numbing cream before your procedure. However, even if you choose not to utilize it, you will be all right. Our laser specialists have many years of expertise and know how to make you feel most at ease.

To safeguard your eyes, you will be required to wear protective goggles before receiving treatment. You may also choose to recline and close your eyes. It would be best to never look directly at the laser with your bare eyes since doing so is highly harmful.

Making certain your comfort

During your therapy, your clinician may stop or pause to ensure you are comfortable. They can employ the laser’s cool air feature to provide your skin with additional calming assistance before and after treatment. If you have sensitive skin, they will treat the affected region in tiny patches to facilitate the therapy.

Every few minutes, a sanitized napkin is used to clean the area.

Adjustable settings

Your doctor may alter the machine’s settings during your therapy. This is done to tailor the optimal strength and consistency to the treated region. Your specialist will ensure that the part is treated with the most suitable and required settings, which can vary from area to region based on the number of completed sessions, the number of hair follicles, and the skin’s sensitivity.

Your input is essential.

Your clinician may also require your assistance in some areas. They may ask you to maintain a precise position or assist them in treating certain regions, such as the perineum.

You may always ask your physicians any questions you have during therapy. They will make sure you are as comfortable and ready as possible.

Keeping your confidentiality

While receiving laser therapy, your clinician will always maintain your confidentiality. Even while you receive laser therapy on your bikini region, you will always be covered with towels. And your practitioner will only reveal the areas being treated now.

Immediately after, an aloe vera gel

After your treatment, aloe vera gel will be applied to the affected regions. Or, if you want to apply the gel yourself, they will offer it.

They will inquire about how you are feeling and how your session was. I will always ensure that you are satisfied with your session and that you do not have any pain thereafter. And will provide you with solitude to dress.

Monitoring progress

Additionally, your doctor will photograph the treatment regions to monitor and document the procedure. Don’t worry. These photographs are for therapeutic reasons only and won’t be published or shared elsewhere without your consent.

After registering your treatment information, the receptionist will help you schedule your next visit. And tips on postoperative care.

How does laser feel?

Laser sensations differ from person to person, from treatment location to treatment region. While some individuals experience minor pain, others do not feel the laser until they hear its beeping sound.

Variables influence how the laser might feel on delicate skin. Including hair colour, thickness, skin type, and pain threshold. As the hair follicles get finer and lighter, and as your body becomes accustomed to the sensation, you may ensure that the sensation of the laser diminishes with each session.

Laser technology for cooling

Our lasers include an integrated cooling system to reduce discomfort. This is done to lessen the potential for laser-induced discomfort. Some customers may experience chilliness throughout the therapy. Please inform your practitioner if this is the case, and they will take brief breaks to make you more comfortable.

Laser hair removal follow-up care

The laser targets the hair follicle and does not affect the surrounding skin. However, you must follow a few regulations to protect your skin and maintain the highest degree of comfort.

Immediately following your session, your practitioner will administer Aloe Vera gel to the treated region.

Initial 24 hours

It would be best if you continue using the gel for the next two to three days. Ensure that you utilize it as much as essential.

Following your session, you may notice redness. It should go within 24 hours to several days.

You can use an icepack wrapped in a clean towel for your skin for relief.

  • Avoid direct sunlight, even if it is unlikely to occur.
  • Do not use any lubricants or chemical products for twenty-four hours.
  • Steer clear of hot showers, baths, and saunas

Typically, it takes four to six weeks for the hair follicles to return to the optimal stage for a subsequent laser hair removal treatment. If applicable, inform your physician of any upcoming vacations, sun exposure, and your menstrual cycle. The laser skin clinic utilizes the most advanced medical-grade lasers for optimal results and maximum patient comfort. Our clinicians all have extensive experience in the sector. You may thus be sure that you are in safe hands.

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