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Body Contour

How to Shed Belly Fat the Easy Way is a body contour treatment plan that uses cutting-edge belly fat burners to help you lose up to 19% of your belly fat while increasing muscle mass by up to 16%. You’ve worked hard in the past to acquire a slimmer, toner physique through exercise and healthy eating, so why does that stubborn belly fat still linger on your tummy?

How can you lose abdominal fat after you’ve already exercised and dieted? Belly fat is tough to eliminate since more fat cells in the belly area do not respond well to lipolysis. Lipolysis is the body’s technique for breaking down fat and making it valuable and absorbable.

The difficulty is that belly fat cells have an alpha receptor, which causes them to release energy more slowly than fat cells in other places of the body, which have beta receptors and respond faster to weight loss therapy. So, keep reading if you want to learn to lose belly fat.

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Which is more difficult to lose, the subcutaneous or visceral belly fat?

Visceral belly fat and subcutaneous belly fat are not the same things, and knowing how to lose belly fat is essential to target each one. Visceral fat is the first to lose while beginning a new workout regimen or healthy diet.

You will first see weight loss in your stomach. However, if you’ve achieved a leaner, smaller tummy by dieting and exercising, some of this subcutaneous fat tends to remain and be the last to leave.

What Is the Difference Between 5 Non-Surgical Body Contour Treatments?

  • Fat Reduction Through Temperature
  • Cavitation by Ultrasound
  • Fat Removal Using Radiofrequency
  • Magnetic High-Intensity Technology
  • Cold Laser Fat Removal

Following your new fitness routine and weight loss diet, you may choose a body contouring treatment to remove any leftover stubborn subcutaneous belly fat.

On the market now, there are five FDA-approved body sculpting treatments for reducing belly fat:

  1. Thermal Fat Reduction: This body-shaping therapy freezes and kills fat cells.
  2. Radiofrequency Fat Removal: This body contouring procedure uses radiofrequency radiation to heat the body deeply.
  3. Cold Laser: A cold laser is used in this body contouring therapy to blast away fat cells.
  4. Ultrasound Cavitation: This body slimming therapy targets fat cells using sound waves at a particular frequency.
  5. High Intense Electro Magnetic Therapy – HEIMT: The newest trend in removing belly fat is a body contour process known as HIEMT. HIEMT can target persistent subcutaneous abdominal fat that you may be trying to eliminate. Only high-intensity electromagnetic technology, one of the five FDA-approved body contouring procedures, can develop muscle and reduce fat; the other four can only reduce fat.

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How Does HIEMT Body Contouring Help You Lose Belly Fat?

If you wish to target the subcutaneous fat in your abdomen, you might be suitable for HIEMT body contouring. If you’ve developed a protruding beer belly, none of the five body contouring treatments will work unless you first decrease the visceral fat with a suitable diet or exercise program. After you’ve reduced most of your visceral belly fat, you can use HIEMT body contour procedures to remove the remaining subcutaneous fat beneath the skin.

A 30-minute HIEMT therapy is equivalent to 20,000 sit-ups. This is a high-intensity workout in a short amount of time. We lay two paddles on your tummy for your belly treatment. When the treatment begins, you will have severe abdominal spasms. The therapy is not painful but will feel like good exercise afterward.

We recommend purchasing a package of eight treatments to reap the full effects of HIEMT body contouring. Fortunately, at Body Contouring Clinic, we have DRASTICALLY REDUCED THE PRICE OF OUR HIEMT PROCEDURE so that more men and women can benefit from it.

Non-Invasive Body Contouring to Lose Belly Fat

We specialize in non-invasive body contouring and cosmetic treatments that tone and tighten the body through body contouring. Clinic. These procedures are the most effective strategy to lose stubborn fat and gain muscle mass.

Each treatment focuses on the skin, muscles, and fat, reducing fat deposits while boosting muscle mass, resulting in a more toned, “contoured” figure. Do you have stubborn subcutaneous fat deposits in your stomach, thighs, arms, and buttocks that do not react to exercise or diet? This treatment is perfect for contouring and sculpting these difficult-to-tone areas.

How much do HIEMT body contour belly fat burners cost?

We offer several pricing choices for your HIEMT body contour fat burners treatment at the body contouring clinic, with or without membership. However, if you plan to do monthly maintenance sessions after your first package, I strongly suggest you purchase the membership and SAVE even more.

We provide three pricing options for your HIEMT body contour treatments at the body contouring clinic: no membership, $50 membership, and FREE membership. You pay $375 for each session if you still need a membership—you pay as you go at $150 for each session with a $50 subscription. To obtain a FREE membership, purchase one of our packages.

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No membership


$50 membership

Membership Fee: $50 | Regular: $375 per session

SALE PRICE: $150 PER SESSION (pay as you go, unlimited sessions)


Package of 4 | Regular prices: $1,500 SALE PRICE: $600 (SAVE 60%)

Package of 5 | Regular prices: $1,875 SAVE 63%

Box of 6 | Regular: $2,250 SALE: $787 (65% OFF)

Package of 8 | Regularly $3,000, now $900 (a 70% savings).

Every session lasts 30 minutes.

What can you expect from your body contour treatment?

All you have to do for your body contour treatment is lie down and relax. There is a sensation of severe muscle contractions during the treatment. There is no discomfort, no sweating, and no adverse effects on the body. It is not necessary to undress. We recommend wearing a sleeveless shirt and lycra tights (for buttocks & thighs). One hour before or after treatment, do not eat anything.

Treatment time:

  • In most situations, one treatment region takes 30-60 minutes, with little to no downtime.
  • Typically, multiple treatments are required to achieve satisfactory results.

Will body contour help me lose weight or just fat?

Body contouring is a process that takes time to lose weight. Weight loss and fat reduction are different. The percentage of fat in the target area will be reduced through body contouring.

Your body has a fixed number of fat cells. You are not generating new fat cells when you gain or lose weight. Instead, your existing fat cells are either growing more significantly or shrinking. When you gain weight, these fat cells expand, and when you lose weight, they contract.

Some fat cells are eliminated or killed during the HIEMT body contour treatments. They can never regenerate or be replenished once they are gone. The procedure can contour and tone your body in ways that exercise and diet cannot by eliminating or destroying fat cells in the treated areas of your body, such as stubborn fat in your abdomen.

As a result, while you may appear thinner, this is not due to weight loss. It is due to the loss of fat cells. However, if you do not live a healthy lifestyle, your fat cells might still increase and grow in size. Therefore, you should still eat healthily and exercise regularly.

How long will the outcomes last?

Although body sculpting is not permanent, the effects are long-lasting. The results will stay even longer if you keep a healthy diet and regular workout program. On average, we recommend a six-month maintenance treatment.

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