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What is Body Contouring

What is Body Contouring?

Almost everyone struggles with stubborn fat that won’t go away despite their best efforts. Excess skin is typically a side effect of significant weight loss brought on by dieting, weight loss surgery, or postpartum changes. Body contouring describes several procedures that can tighten the skin, help with weight loss, and polish the new form. A medical or cosmetic procedure termed body contouring, also known as body sculpting, aims to shape particular body components. For example, behind fatty or saggy skin deposits, it uses aesthetic and non-invasive cosmetic techniques to reveal a tight, toned body. These procedures will result in a body form that is more symmetrical and has smoother outlines. One crucial thing to keep in mind is that while body sculpting might be beneficial, it rarely focuses on weight loss. However, it helps shape the body and targets areas where weight loss failed or resulted in extra skin. Body contouring should not be used as a stand-alone remedy for all problems; instead, it should be combined with a healthy diet.

Body Contouring Methods

Understanding how these techniques differ is essential because each has benefits and drawbacks. Of course, it is necessary to get the advice of a cosmetic surgeon regarding what is most effective in certain circumstances. Liposuction and body contour surgery are the two main types of body sculpting operations.


Liposuction is a surgical procedure to eliminate stubborn fat deposits from the body resistant to exercise and diet. Most people with liposuction have a stable weight but want to eliminate the undesired extra fat in particular body parts. Moreover, the aim of lipo is aesthetic since it is for those who want to change and enhance their body type. A plastic or cosmetic surgeon frequently performs the procedure on the waist, belly, hips, and other body areas. It can be carried out independently or with other aesthetic procedures like a facelift, stomach tuck, or breast augmentation. Although the amount of fat that can be removed efficiently is limited, liposuction ultimately kills fat tissue, changing the body’s shape. There are various types of liposuction, each of which performs somewhat differently and has a unique set of advantages and disadvantages. Finding the ideal choice for your body can be easier if you know their similarities and distinctions.

Body-contouring Surgeries:

Various body contouring procedures are commonly required to get the optimal body form after significant weight loss. Lifts are also necessary when there is additional skin or in areas where lipo results would be insufficient. These can be helpful for people whose weight has primarily remained steady or has just slightly decreased. Body contouring creates a sleeker appearance by enhancing the essential support tissues and reducing stubborn fat. Body contouring surgeries are not weight-loss techniques but operations to carve out a person’s ideal shape. Before recommending a specific surgical procedure, a surgeon frequently analyzes your body’s routines and habits. Body contouring can be referred to as a variety of procedures, each focusing on a particular body part. Most of these body areas include the abdomen, back, breasts, limbs, or buttocks, while some may require facial operations. Here are a few of the more well-known procedures for body contouring:

Flat stomach with a Tummy Tuck:

A tummy tuck is the most effective therapy for sagging skin and tissue around the stomach. If you want to shape your abdomen or waistline, a tummy tuck, also known as an abdominoplasty, is the best option. It trims away extra skin and muscle from the stomach region and tightens the muscles underneath to get a flattened belly. In some instances, extreme weight loss can result in loose skin; in other cases, loose skin is an average side effect of pregnancy. Sadly, performing sit-ups and other exercises won’t help to rejoin these muscular fibres, but a belly tuck can. Unwanted fat and tissue are removed by making a long incision that extends from one end of the hipbone to the other. In the days leading up to the treatment, it will be essential to abstain from smoking, specific medications, and vitamins. Complete rehabilitation could take weeks or months because recovery is a slow and steady process. In addition, patients must refrain from engaging in rigorous activities while they heal and abstain from alcohol and tobacco use.

Breast Lift Provides a Younger Look:

As women age, their breast muscles become less elastic, and their skin wrinkles. This causes breast ptosis, or breast sagging. How much ptosis you develop depends on many factors, including your genes, gravity, bust size, parenthood, and weight loss. These issues can be resolved with a breast lift, which will also revive your breasts for a more attractive appearance. A mastopexy, often known as a breast lift, can contour the breasts by removing the extra skin and squeezing the tissue around it. It helps you achieve a younger-looking, more appealing breast shape and balances the disparity between your chest and breasts. However, it does not enlarge or fill up the top part of your breast. Consult a cosmetic surgeon before having surgery to learn about the procedure’s potential dangers and expected results. Don’t be reluctant to discuss your worries with your surgeon; you must comprehend every aspect of the process. You can also think about having a breast lift and a breast augmentation procedure if you’d like your breasts to appear fuller. A sculpted figure is provided through thigh and butt lift: When individuals lose a significant amount of weight quickly, loose skin collects around the thighs and buttocks. A buttock and thigh lift, also known as a thighplasty, lifts the butt and hip region to give them a better form. Tightening extra skin can make the thighs and lower extremities look more attractive and curvy. Before you resume your regular activities after a butt lift, you must recover for a few weeks. Following a thigh lift, it’s common to have stiffness, see bruising and inflammation, and experience additional discomfort. After a butt lift, the surgeon might suggest avoiding sitting for a week because swelling might take several weeks.

Get the Body of Your Dreams with Expert Contouring

Everyone deserves to feel their best, yet sometimes our bodies rebel and store extra fat in difficult-to-reach locations. Expensive lotions and wraps can help temporarily tighten skin, but nothing surpasses body sculpting procedures for lasting results. Body contouring procedures can provide a long-term solution and more significant effects for these tenacious problems. Both men and women can benefit from body contouring, and each person can have different demands. Additionally, a surgeon may carry out several body contouring surgeries at once, depending on the extent of the treatment. In addition, depending on the procedure, contouring surgery might assist clean, tightening, and smoothening your skin. body-contouring-clinic

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Have you been struggling with belly fat most of your adult life?  As we age, we tend to start gaining weight. However, an area that begins to look more noticeable on your body is your abdomen area.

What is belly fat?

Belly fat is the unhealthy fat that has accumulated around your abdomen.  There are two types of body fat, visceral and subcutaneous body fat.  The fat that is deep inside your body is called visceral fat. This type of fat surrounds your organs and is often called “hidden” fat because it hides in the liver, intestines, and other organs.  About 10% of your body fat is visceral fat.  You may have a flat stomach but still have visceral fat.

Visceral fat is more dangerous than the other fat, called subcutaneous fat. It’s more difficult because it increases the risk of severe health conditions such as high blood pressure, heart disease, type-2 diabetes, asthma, Alzheimer’s, colorectal and breast cancer, and stroke.

Who gets visceral fat?

Both men and women can get visceral fat. More men get visceral fat, but that changes after menopause in women. Women who have given birth also tend to get more visceral fat. As we age, we tend to put on more weight and more fat.  The fat you gain depends on several factors, including genes, hormones, and birth weight (underweight babies will tend to gain more belly fat later in life).

How to measure your visceral fat?

An image scanner such as a CT or MRI can accurately measure the visceral fat you have. But if you do not have access to these devices, you can measure your waist, calculate your BMI (body mass index), and get your hip-to-waist ratio.  A waist size of 35 inches is a sign of visceral fat for women. For men, it is 40 inches.

What is Subcutaneous Fat?

Subcutaneous fat is the outer layer of fat you see around your abdomen. About 90% of your fat is subcutaneous fat. When you squeeze your skin, the jiggly loose soft tissue is subcutaneous fat.  Women have more subcutaneous fat than men. That is why when they gain weight, they tend to get more fat all over their bodies, including their arms, legs, buttocks, thighs, and abdomen.

Which type of fat is harder to lose, Subcutaneous belly fat or Visceral belly fat?

When you go on a diet or exercise program, visceral fat is the first type of fat you will lose. So, the good news is that you will see your belly area lose in inches first. But after you’ve achieved a leaner look, you will notice that some of the subcutaneous belly fat stays there and is the last to disappear.


There are 5 FDA approved body contouring treatments today on how to reduce belly fat:

  1. Radiofrequency Fat Removal: This body contouring treatment emits radio frequency waves for deep heating.
  2. Temperature-Based Fat Reduction: This body contouring treatment freezes and destroys the fat cells.
  3. Ultrasound Cavitation: This body contouring treatment uses sound waves at a particular frequency to target the fat cells.
  4. Cold Laser: This body contouring treatment uses a cold laser to burn away the fat cells
  5. High Intense Electro Magnetic Therapy (HEIMT): The newest trend on how to lose belly fat is a body contouring procedure called HIEMT.

In this article, we will focus on HIEMT. This is a superior treatment for belly fat reduction because it can BOTH decrease body fat and increase muscle, the only five treatments that can do that.

How to Lose Belly Fat with HIEMT Body Contouring?

Doing one HIEMT 30-minute treatment is like doing 20,000 sit-ups. It gives you a very intense workout in a brief period.  To lose belly fat, we place two paddles on your abdomen.

The treatment is comfortable, and there is no pain. You relax during the 30-minute treatment. The body contouring treatment is ideal for losing belly fat and can be done on the arms, thighs, and buttocks.

Are you looking to try the HIFEM body contouring procedure? Laser Skin Clinic and At Body Contouring Clinic have four clinics in the GTA, Mississauga, Brampton, Toronto, and Richmond Hill.


Belly Fat Burners

Belly Fat Burners

How to Shed Belly Fat the Easy Way is a body contouring treatment plan that uses cutting-edge belly fat burners to help you lose up to 19% of your belly fat while increasing muscle mass by up to 16%. You’ve worked hard in the past to acquire a slimmer, toner physique through exercise and healthy eating, so why does that stubborn belly fat still linger on your tummy?

How can you lose abdominal fat after you’ve already exercised and dieted? Belly fat is tough to eliminate since more fat cells in the belly area do not respond well to lipolysis. Lipolysis is the body’s technique for breaking down fat and making it valuable and absorbable. The difficulty is that belly fat cells have an alpha receptor, which causes them to release energy more slowly than fat cells in other places of the body, which have beta receptors and respond faster to weight loss therapy. So, keep reading to learn how to lose belly fat.

  • Non-Invasive, Safe, and Painless Body Contouring
  • Lose Fat and Gain Muscle
  • Only 30-Minutes each Session, 4-6 Sessions
  • Many clinical studies demonstrate the efficacy of HIEMT technology.

body contouring with belly fat burners

How Does HIEMT Body Contouring Help You Lose Belly Fat?

If you wish to target the subcutaneous fat in your abdomen, you might be suitable for HIEMT body contouring. If you’ve developed a protruding beer belly, none of the five body contouring treatments will work unless you first decrease the visceral fat with a suitable diet or exercise program. Once you have reduced most of your visceral belly fat, you can perform HIEMT body contouring procedures to finish off the residual subcutaneous fat underneath the skin.

A 30-minute HIEMT therapy is equivalent to 20,000 sit-ups. This is a high-intensity workout in a short amount of time. For your belly treatment, we will place two paddles on your belly. When the therapy starts, you will feel intense spasms in your abdomen. The treatment is not painful but will feel like good exercise afterward.

We recommend doing a bundle of 8 to receive the full benefits of HIEMT body contouring. Fortunately, at Body Contouring Clinic, we have DRASTICALLY REDUCED THE PRICE OF OUR HIEMT PROCEDURE so that more men and women can benefit from it.

Lose Belly Fat with a Non-Invasive Body Contouring

Laser Skin Clinic specializes in non-invasive body contouring, a cosmetic treatment used to tighten and tone the body. These procedures are the most effective strategy to lose stubborn fat and gain muscle mass. Each treatment focuses on the skin, muscles, and fat, reducing fat deposits while boosting muscle mass, resulting in a more toned, “contoured” figure. Do you have stubborn subcutaneous fat deposits in your stomach, thighs, arms, and buttocks that do not react to exercise or diet? This treatment is perfect for contouring and sculpting these difficult-to-tone areas.

How much do HIEMT body contouring belly fat burners cost?

We offer several pricing choices for your HIEMT body contouring fat burners treatment, with or without membership. However, if you intend to do monthly maintenance sessions after your initial package, you are strongly advised to purchase the membership and SAVE even more.

We provide three pricing options for your HIEMT body contouring treatments: no membership, $50 membership, and FREE membership. You pay $375 for each Session if you do not have a membership. You pay $150 for each Session with a $50 subscription. To obtain a FREE membership, purchase one of our packages.

$375 per Session without membership

Membership is $50.

Membership Fee: $50 | Reg: SALE: $150 per Session $375 per Session (pay as you go, unlimited sessions)

Membership is free

  • Package of 4 | Regular prices: $1,500 SALE PRICE: $600 (SAVE 60%)
  • Box of 5 | Regular prices: $1,875 SALE: $693 (SAVINGS OF 63%).
  • Package of 6 | Regular prices: $2,250 SALE: $787 (65% OFF)
  • Package of 8 | Regular prices: $3,000 SALE: $900 (70%) OFF

Every Session lasts 30 minutes.

Body Contouring Toronto - belly fat burners


All you have to do for your body contour treatment is lie down and relax. There is a sensation of severe muscle contractions during the treatment. There is no discomfort, no sweating, and no adverse effects on the body. It is not necessary to undress. We recommend wearing a sleeveless shirt and lycra tights (for buttocks & thighs). One hour before or after treatment, do not eat anything.

Treatment time:

  • In most cases, one treatment region takes 30-60 minutes with minimal downtime.
  • Typically, multiple treatments are required to achieve satisfactory results.


How many seminars will I require?

The recommended treatments are four to eight, spaced about three days apart.

How long will the treatment last?

The treatment lasts about 30 minutes. To avoid overstressing the muscles, we start the treatment with a modest power level and gradually increase it depending on your tolerance level. The machine is turned down at the end of your treatment to finish with several deliberate, calm contractions. This helps flush out lactic acid and toxins, ensuring no build-up and that your muscles do not feel fully over-exercised, even if they are.

When can I see the results?

You should notice a difference in your appearance after your first treatment. However, the optimum outcomes will be obtained two to four weeks following your previous Session. Clinical studies indicate that you should anticipate losing roughly 19% body fat and gaining 16% muscular mass.

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